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Circular Weekender Aran Sweater

Circular Weekender Aran Sweater

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Product Description & Material

Seamlessly embrace the chill of winter with the Circular Weekender Aran Sweater. Crafted as a distinctive statement piece, this versatile garment is made from a luxurious blend of virgin and recycled cashmere, offering warmth and style. With its dense, plush texture, this mid-weight iconic sweater is a must-have addition to your essential wardrobe.


  • Box fit

  • 3-ply

  • 50% cashmere, 50% GRS post-consumer cashmere

  • Rib-knit trim

The Soft Way

Half the impact, double the softness. We use 50% G.R.S. cashmere, sourced from pre-loved sweaters, ensuring sustainability and reducing reliance on new resources. With a blend of GRS-certified 50% recycled cashmere and 50% virgin cashmere, we minimize landfill waste while providing a super-soft feel.