Every year, landfills receive 92 million tons of clothing waste. At Giannotti, we design enduring styles that can be worn over and over and contribute to the Earth positively.

Timeless Threads

State-of-the-art fibers. Knitted pieces crafted with enduring quality. Lesser harm to the planet.

Giannotti Blue Thread

Threading Sustainability

Since day one, we committed to removing single-use plastic from both packaging and sweaters, fostering meaningful partnerships with the goal of using innovation for Good. From that moment onward, our iconic blue has come to represent our commitment to creating enduring garments that would cause no harm to the ocean.


Traditional 'cut-and-sew' production technique creates in average 10 to 15% fabric waste during assembly phase. Our knit-to-shape sweaters make less than 2% waste, resulting in naturally stretch, comfortable fit and saving resources like electricity and avoiding transportation in Tiers-2 operations.

giannotti-monaco-about-4Ribbed Circular Cashmere Scarf-Coastal Blue

Designed in Monaco

We design everything in Monaco, drawing inspiration from the blue Mediterranean Sea and the cerulean skies of the South of France. Our boutique, adorned with sturdy wood furniture and Tuscan marble, welcomes guests with the scents of sage and warm coffee. Our mission is to craft exceptional quality sweaters using Italian savoir-faire, with each piece threaded with Monaco's timeless essence and our commitment to sustainability.