Whether it is fibers derived from plants, food waste, or regenerative land practices, we source premium raw and recycled materials sustainably obtained that preserve, restore, and contribute positively to the planet.

Since early 2019, we've been sourcing super fine Merino wool from ZQRX™ partners' farms committed to regenerative farming practices. These practices not only sequester carbon dioxide emissions but also restore the health of grassland soils and foster biodiversity. Our partner in Italy processes the combing, hank dyeing, and other yarn embellishments at their solar-powered facility. Read more
Introducing our signature material made from upcycled coffee grounds and Merino wool. Sourced in Italy, the collected grounds undergo an electrospinning transformative process turning them into a durably-soft material that prevents odor from building up and keep your body warm and micro-thermoregulated. This not only diverts food waste from entering landfills but also saves 30% freshwater when compared to traditional techniques. Oeko-Tex 100 (certification n°951453.0 CENTROCOT)
Our plant-based alternative to conventional cotton is made from renewable rice plants collected in the province of Hubei, China. Leaves and other organic compounds are broken down to a pulp through safe closed-loop chemical processes following the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. This results in a luxuriously fiber that is moisture-wicking, soft to the touch, naturally antibacterial, and offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays, so you stay cool and comfortable under the heat.(certification BJ004140323 TESTEX).
Our Re-Classics sweaters are made from pre-loved Cashmere sweaters re-spun with Grade-A Cashmere creating an even luxurious feel. This process helps gives a second chance to old sweaters reduce the need for new raw materials, making it more environmentally friendly. We use G.R.S (certification n°2019-049 - complies within the REACH norm) Italian recycled Cashmere.
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Keep Trees Grounded

All of our packaging are responsably sourced , like our signature Giannotti boxes, thought as a perfect gift box and made from FSC®-certified recycled cardboard. We designed them from scratch, smaller than regular e-commerce "shoe boxes" to minimize storage space and weight during transportation.