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Regenerative Wool

Fashion is farming.

Farming is at the root of every fiber production. However, farming done the right way can prove to be a pathway to lower global GHG emissions related to agricultural activites by adopting practices like regenerative farming—which excludes harsh chemicals, pesticides, till and plant. Together with nature, we can we can flatten the curve and restore our Planet.


What the wool?

Let's start with the basics: Merino wool is the only natural biobased fiber engineered for next-level comfort and performance. 5x times finer than human hair, naturally thermoregulating, wrinkles-proof, odour-resistant, list goes on, if we had to capture in one sentence all the benefits of this extraordinary fiber, we would say that it is the most advanced biobased material on Earth. Wool can be soft or hard, depending on the type you choose. We opted for fine (17-19µ micron) wool, like in our Soft Merino Knit Hoodie sweater. It's light but warm enough to wear during most seasons' temperatures and incredibly itch-free due to  thin strands.


What is ZQrx certified wool?

Think of it as a scorecard for sheep growers, helping them farm wool responsibly to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss through regenerative land practices producing a wool that not only is the World's most Ethical Wool but helps work towards a Net-Positive future. Giannotti proudly incorporates traceable ZQrx Merino wool into all our sweaters, directly sourced from New Zealand farms and spun in Italy at our partner Cariaggi's solar-paneled facility.


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