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Artisanal WarmBrew Coffee Throw

Artisanal WarmBrew Coffee Throw

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When it comes to unwinding moments, our Artisanal WarmBrew Coffee Throw is a all-in-one piece. This handcrafted piece embodies sustainability, skillfully produced in a family-owned Italian atelier with decades of heritage—such a perfect warm blend of innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

  • Made from recycled coffee grounds blend.

  • 8-ply Panama-style Throw.

  • Fringe finishing.

  • Handwoven on a loom.

  • Crafted in Italy.

  • Undyed.


  • One Size
  • 180x107 cm
  • 5 cm fringes


We've turned your strong morning coffee into a smooth, breathable, and lightweight fabric. It's also OEKO-TEX® 100 certified, ensuring no hazardous chemicals were involved during production. 50% rPL (coffee), 50% Merino wool.

Product Care

• Dry clean.
• Lay flat to dry, and avoid hanging or using a rope.
• Slight pilling may occur on natural fabrics with wash and wear, use a sweater comb to remove.

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More Hot. More Grounds.

With an added 15% more coffee grounds into the blend, our WarmBrew formula got better and is now softer, warmer and more sustainable than ever.

Sustainable Craft

Timeless Innovation.

We made it durable and enjoyable. Our Artisanal WarmBrew Coffee Throw leverages 78+ years of expertise from a renowned family atelier in the Italian luxury industry — such a perfect blend between innovation and traditional craftsmanship.