How many cups of coffee have we recycled up to this point?

Disclaimer: While everything occurs on an extremely small scale, it's quite challenging to pinpoint an exact number. Therefore, we rely on data and the recommended average amount of coffee grounds used for a regular espresso.

Up to now, we've recycled an amount equivalent to 13,889 coffee cups into our special fabric blend. Here's a breakdown of how we arrived at this number: Giannotti produced 250 kg of the WarmBrew blend between 2019 and 2021, collecting the discarded grounds in Italy.

The standard for an espresso cup is 7 grams. To determine the number of coffee cups needed for a specific garment, like our WarmBrew Crew, we use the weight of rPET yarn for the standard sample size of that style for women's and men's sweaters. For instance, the women's sample sweater is size XS, and the men's sample sweater is size L. To find the number of coffee cups, we divide half the amount of fiber bought (250 ÷ 2 = 125 kg of rPET WarmBrew). According to a 2014 paper from Science Direct, one espresso typically consumes around 9 grams of dry grounds. Since coffee ground weights may vary, we use this representative weight to accommodate any differences. For example, the rPET Coffee knit for the WarmBrew Crew in women's XS weighs 150 grams. So, we have 150 grams of rPET Coffee knit ÷ 9 grams of coffee ground per espresso cup = 16.66 espresso coffee cups.