How many coffee cups did we recycle so far?

(Disclaimer: although everything happens on a nanoscale, it is almost impossible have a sharp precise number, so we rely on data and the advised average coffee ground used for a classic espresso.)

So far, the equivalent of 13.889 cups of coffee were recycled into our signature fabric blend. This page provides additional detail about some of the calculations behind our sustainability messages: Giannotti produce d 250kg of WarmBrew blend between the period of 2019 to 2021 and collected the wasted grounds in Italy.the standard for an espresso cup is 7gr

To calculate the number of coffee cups that it took to knit, let's say our WarmBrew® crew type, we use the weight of rPET yarn used for the standard sample size of that style of women's, men's sweaters. The women's sample sweater is size XS, the men's sample sweater size is L.

To calculate how many coffee cups, we need to divide by half the amount of kg of fiber bought: 

250÷2 = 125kg of rPET Warm Brew; one espresso consumes around 9gr of dry ground in a 2014 paper, according to Science Direct. There are no standard coffee grounds grams, which may vary in style across brands and markets, so we use this representative weight to account for that variability.

For example:

  • The rPET Coffee knit for the WarmBrew Crew in women's XS weighs 150 grams.

So we have: 150 grams of rPET Coffee knit / 9 grams of coffee ground per espresso cup = 16.66 espressos coffee cups.