Giannotti is all about Timeless staples made from beautiful and durable materials.

We're all about understated luxury, designed with sustainability in mind — and designed to be worn for decades (and beyond).

Family History

The enduring influence of Family is a thread that runs through the story and inspiration behind Giannotti. Founder, Alexis, is forever moved by the philosophy of Beauty in life and commitment of his grandmother, Betty.

Signature Bleu

Our signature Giannotti Bleu is synonymous with the enduring determination we carry –a colour inspired both by dedication and the Oceans – to create Higher Quality Knits with the minimum impact on the environment.

Designed in Monaco — Made In Italy

We take our time to source the best mills and materials to make the highest quality staples you've ever worn. Committing since day one in building better more sustainable pieces that are all made in Italy.

Timeless Attitude

When you take the time to appreciate the world around you, it’s easy to see what has gone before and what has endured—and understand the part you play in protecting the planet. From the relationships we build with our factory partners to our impact on the earth, Giannotti celebrates timelessness through kinship, character, and a sense of duty.