one planet,
one thread
*1 Preserving ocean from entering micro plastics.
Giannotti is in business to shake things up. By marrying sustainable and natural sourced fibres with 3D knitting technology, we deliver unprecedented comfort and lightweight luxury knitwear from a single thread.
Our philosophy is Timeless knitwear with freedom of movement and perfect fit that suits modern lifestyle. While our environmentally friendly production techniques also allow for a significant reduction in waste. Being responsible is the new blue.
Suits You
When it came to his individual design philosophy, Alexis Giannotti simply wanted it to be perfect – but also less harmful. This philosophy led him to look at every step in the process from the production techniques through to the very nature of the fibre itself. By embracing 3D knitting technology to reduce fabric waste created by cut and sew methods, and by participating into engineering threads that need less washing, the vision of Giannotti was to bring a new level of sustainability to the world of luxury fashion.
The large impact of little footprints
Today, Giannotti designs and manufactures luxury knitwear from sustainable materials – to create as big an impact as possible with as small an environmental footprint as possible. We will have developed and implemented responsible and sustainable production techniques, because we believe that good things should be made with care and made to last. They should be timeless.
*3 Sample of 3D Knit mask,
*4  Cloudlight fine gauge sample
Luxury is time nicely wrapped. At Giannotti, we spend our time doing what we love – that is designing luxury knitwear and then ensuring that it is crafted to perfection. By combining our innovative, high performance threads with 3D seamless knitting, we create comfortable, luxurious, super lightweight and sustainable designer clothing.
Timeless is an attitude
When you take the time to appreciate the world around you – the natural world, the artistic world, the world of ideas – you not only acknowledge what has gone before, and what has endured, you begin to see that we all have a responsibility to the future too. So while Giannotti knitwear has its own unique luxury style, it also celebrates that which is timeless too: kinship, character and a sense of duty.
*5 The Blue Thread
Starts Today
Nature inspires us everything, at Giannotti, luxury means commitment of making better and durable products with the respect of workers and community.
Our inspiration is deeply rooted to Italian heritage  in craft and design. Our desire is not only to offer the best of today, but also of Tomorrow and positive consequences for a better future f our Planet.
A simple vision
We truly care about our blue planet — and this has made has bring the twin disciplines of fashion design and manufacture together – and to invest in both to ensure that we’re working with the most advanced and green fibres ever produced. So when you buy Giannotti, you are not simply buying a high-end product, you are investing in a brand promise: to help keep this planet blue.
*7 Giannotti cloud-light in ZQ certified Merino wool.