Alexis Axilette
was a French painter, born in 1860 in Durtal (Maine-et-Loire), and who died in the same city in 1931. Graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Angers, then at the School of Fine Arts in Paris in the studio of Gérome in 1878, Alexis Axilette went on to exhibit at the Salon of French artists in Paris in 1884. The following year he won the Grand Prix of Rome with his painting, Themistocles Takes Refuge In Admetus. Traveling all over Europe, he was a renowned portrait painter, who obtained many commissions, most notably from members of the royal Russian court. In 1897, he executed the ceilings of the Social Museum in Paris. From 1910, he devoted himself mainly to pastels.
*2 Jardin de Saint Martin, Monaco
“like my great grandfather I am a painter,
but I paint using threads a different portrait of what is Timeless style.”
- Alexis Giannotti
Grandma Betty
has proven to be the moral compass in the both life and work of Alexis Giannotti. Their relationship was always very close, and Alexis has inherited both her clear blue eyes and her undying love of the natural world. Betty’s favourite colour was blue – her second favourite was green. It was said that when she was wearing her blue dress, her eyes appeared blue, but when she was wearing her green dress, her eyes became green.
*3 Palazzo Strozzi, Florence — Italy
The enduring influence of family is one thread that runs through the Giannotti story. Alexis Giannotti is inspired by his famous great, great grandfather, Alexis Axilette, and by his grandmother Betty Giannotti. Together they inform his love of art, colour, self-expression and, most importantly, the moral philosophy that underpins everything.
*1 Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence —Italy.
*4 Monaco Bay Area
Monaco, the tiny city-state on the French Riviera, is where Alexis Giannotti was born and raised. A magnet for the rich and beautiful throughout the 20th century, Monaco has inspired Alexis’s love of understated luxury in the timeless Mediterranean style.
The Mighty Monaco Oak
The Monaco Oak is an ensuring symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. We reflect that in our brand. The oak tree is also, of course, one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason: it is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied in its towering strength.
*5 Alexis Giannotti in his Monaco Studio
The Birth Place of the Renaissance
Florence is rich in history – this is where the Renaissance happened! — and it has a particular place in Alexis’s heart and in the vision of the Giannotti brand. It represents the timeless pursuit of knowledge and beauty.
*6 Duomo, Florence — Italy
Birth Place of the
Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is home to the private fashion school of Polimoda, which has a special place in the Giannotti story. An inspiration to Alexis, it was here that his love affair with this most beautiful of cities and the future of fashion came together to inform his philosophy.
*7 Giannotti iconic blue color.
More than a colour
Long recognised as the designer’s favourite colour, the Giannotti bleu now symbolises his constant challenge to combine sustainability with innovation. It is the colour that inspires his enduring determination to create the highest quality luxury knitwear with the minimum impact on the natural world.
*8 The Blue Thread brand.
Blue is the strong identity colour for the Giannotti brand. It symbolises both Alexis’s grandmother – her favourite colour – and the Mediterranean Sea that he associates so strongly with his childhood in Monaco.
*9 Giannotti Workspace, Florence — Italy.
Natural beauty
There is beauty everywhere in this world. Nature is the purest beauty that has ever existed. Influenced by his grandmother, Alexis has developed an intimate relationship with nature and believes it is his duty to protect and celebrate nature’s richest values. He believes we have to lot to learn and a lot to do in order to live in a better, more sustainable world.
*10 Giannotti Brand Film
Designed in Monaco. Engineered in Italy. The Giannotti manifesto goes far beyond fashion. The timeless inspiration for Giannotti is to create enduring style with a clear conscience, because being responsible is the new blue.