We are on a mission to thread a better industry; for the people, for the Planet.

Changing the industry and its impact starts from better materials combined with purposeful designs .Here's how we plan to give back more than we take—make.

  • Bio-Plastic Mailers

    Each order ships in our biodegradable/compostable mailers made from corn starch, a natural and renewable bio-resource blend—lowering our petroleum-based plastics need.

  • Wool knitted handles

    Driven by our commitment to leave no waste behind, our shoppers/box handles are made from the same material as our sweaters—plastic-free and biodegradable within months.

  • Responsible FSC® Bags

    Our premium paper bags come from responsibly managed FSC®(Certification Number: C001810) forestry wood pulp mixed with other recycled Paper Industry content. No native forests were cut down to make these shoppers. Re-use before tossing away. Either compost or bury. 100% biodegradable.

  • Recycled FSC cardboard boxes

    Keep (more) trees grounded. Our signature Giannotti boxes are thought as a perfect gift box. They're made from FSC®-certified recycled cardboard and raw luxurious designed. We made them smaller than regular-sized boxes to reduce storage space and weight during transportation.

  • Recycled coffee boxes

    We use this special box for handling a pair of our PerformanceBrew socks with a WarmBrew® Light Beanie. Made from discarded coffee beans, replacing 15% of tree cellulose. This unique box is fully recyclable.

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