Each year, the textile industry contributes to dump on landfills an estimated of 92 million garments across the globe; poor manufacturing, low-grade textiles, and useless designs have become a standard nowadays. We believe less is better; making garments from renewable resources to innovative manufacturing solutions can change our path and contribute to a more durable and thoughtful Fashion Industry.

Kind of Magic.

As magic as it sounds, our sweaters are knitted from advanced 3D technology—allowing unmatched precision and virtually zero waste while eliminating discomfort from chaffing fabric against your skin. Unlike traditional cut-and-sew techniques that may cause the garment to rip over time, we knit our sweaters using a single continuous thread, expanding a garment's lifespan.


We’ve been testing and implementing coffee grounds into our sweaters since late 2018, along with production partners, our most game-changing material. Saving from landfills, we’ve collected post-consumer coffee grounds and discarded Polyester from waste turning them into a better-than-new material, certified Oeko-Tex 100® that is warmer than any other.

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